Customer Reviews

Bollywood Bistro Okra Detail

Comment: The food, thought… the food is spectacular! I had malai kofta that was so rich and delicious that I can’t wait to try more off their menu. The garlic naan was delicious and they had the best veggie pakoras that I’ve seen in a long time. I wasn’t presented a wine / drink menu, mentioned by other reviewers – but I will definitely be returning and will hopefully enjoy a nice glass of red with my amazing meal!
- Ryan James Cassidy

Comment: This place is great, I’d definitely recommend – and it’s been a nice addition to the neighbourhood. The food is excellent quality, without a doubt. The prices are just a tiny bit high, but otherwise more or less on par with other similar places. Tried the butter chicken, lamb korma, both great. I recommend they offer neighbourhood delivery, and post a menu on their website.
- Dara Renton

Comment: Very impressed by this Indian restaurant – this is a rare comment from me. When friends ask for an Indian restaurant recommendation I usually cannot honestly offer a good suggestion but this one stands out above the rest.
- Taylor M.